A Few Crumpled Notes from the Helm of Captain Crusty

Arrrrrrr….sometime nearin the end of April

After a long and continually wet winter, it’s time to dust off the ole pile of reels, check yer bilge pump switches and fire up the main engines boys and girls because summer time is just around the corner.  The late winter/spring fishing report has been a good one, with the last known water temperatures at the rocks allegedly approaching the 70s and climbing.  Word around the dock is that the mako sharks were more than plentiful this winter and spring.  Some offshore enthusiasts are hoping this plethora of pelagic sharks is a sign of good things to come this summer.  In other news, ole Captain Crusty is happy to report (knock on me wooden leg) that the sargassum does not seem to be as bad….yet…as last year.  Here’s to hopin we’ll get a more nominal dose of that pesky brown algae this year.   So start sharpenin’ your hooks skallywags because the southeast wind can’t blow forever….see you at the kick off party.